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SYB drug prevention education has been inspired by the relentless dedication to saving young lives through school programs, after the death of Anna Wood from taking just ONE ecstasy pill.

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Drug Free Australia supports and educates young people, their families and communities to help prevent the use of illegal drugs and the illicit use of harmful substances.

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The Wind

The gripping true story of a young woman's journey from the dark world of drugs, that left her moments from death, to a life filled with possibilities and hope.

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5 Rating

"Congratulations to Drug Free Australia for designing this resource. It is extensive with involvement of individual student’s input and research for those who wish to pursue further."

- Irene, Biology Teacher, SA

"There is good flexibility in the resources for teachers to work with."

- Drug Educators, WA

"The layout is easy to follow, with student engagement of paramount importance and the more they are involved in a lesson through discussion, role-play and debating the more they retain."

- Side Effect Team, WA

"This resource will complement the work we do in the DAESY program. We will recommend it as a follow-up resource after our school visits. Thanks Drug Free Australia."

- Kerryn, VIC

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