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Created for use by teachers, parents, school counsellors, life coaches & youth workers. 

Save Your Brain Alcohol & Drug education resource puts prevention first.

​Save Your Brain is backed by 'One Choice' research from the Institute of Behaviour & Science and its latest findings on the impact of drugs and alcohol on the developing brain.

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Drug Free AustralIa is pleased to offer a suite of health education modules, wIth a focus on Drug Use PreventIon.


‘Save Your Brain’ (SYB) is targeted at students from Year 5 to 12 with four different age appropriate sets of modules available. 

All modules promote an understanding of how the brain develops throughout the early years and into adolescence. In particular, the focus is on the impact of alcohol and other drugs on the brain. Content also shares protective factors to give children and teens the 'tools' to be able to negotiate anti social requests in peer pressure situations.



The course has undergone rigorous testing from an Expert Advisory Group consisting of numerous, well respected, teachers and drug educators. This panel provided feedback at the developmental stage.


'Save Your Brain' was inspired by break through research from the Institute of Behaviour and Health together with current trends in drug prevention initiatives shared via the Drug Free America Foundation.


'Save Your Brain' was also inspired by DFA Ambassador, Tony Wood and the book his family dedicated to saving the lives of Teenagers: Anna's Story, authored by Bronwyn Donaghy.


At 15 Anna Wood went to a party and took an ecstasy tablet. Three days later she was dead. A life destroyed. A family devastated.

She was just fifteen. She was leaving school to start the job of her dreams. She was beautiful, she had a loving family and countless friends. Yet on 21 October 1995, Anna Wood took an ecstasy tablet at a dance party and died three days later. A life destroyed, a family devastated, a community in shock. Bronwyn Donaghy interviewed friends, family members and numerous professionals in order to write the story of the circumstances surrounding Anna's death and of her family's decision to try and turn tragedy into a positive force for good. It is a story of our times, a story with powerful resonances for Anna's generation and their parents, for counsellors, doctors and teachers, for anyone who values the sanctity of life.

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