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Drug Free Australia is pleased to offer a suite of health education modules, with a focus on Drug Use Prevention. ‘Save Your Brain’ (SYB) is available in age-appropriate formats from Years 5 to 12, and is linked to the Australian Curriculum. 


SYB promotes an understanding of how the brain develops throughout the early years and into adolescence. In particular, it focusses on the impact of alcohol and other drugs on the brain. It also looks at protective factors to give teens the 'tools' to be able to negotiate anti-social requests in peer pressure situations.


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Save Your Brain Heading.png
Save Your Brain Heading.png

Expected Benefits

Prevent teen uptake of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other illicit drugs via:

  • Increased health literacy of drug harms and the volatility of substances.

  • adoption of social/negotiation skills to resist unwanted social requests related to drug taking.

  • Greater awareness of opportunities, capacity and willingness to seek early help.

​Be well informed on the following topics:

  • alcohol and other drugs 

  • food and nutrition (FN)

  • mental health and wellbeing 

Program Development

The program  has been inspired by recent research in the United States through the Institute of Behaviour and Health and other research that shows the importance of ‘Protective Factors’ in child and youth development.

The program has been developed through a combination of research and experience from educators/teachers, neuroscientists, mental health experts, drug and alcohol researchers. It has received feedback from schools, sporting groups, parents and grandparents and will be regularly updated with ongoing feedback.

Schools and Education Providers linked to the Towards Healthier School Communities project will be invited to be first to trial the program. 

Cyber Safety

Online safety can be best managed if teachers/parents ensure that material accessed is age appropriate and regularly monitored, especially during periods of individual or group research. In addition, each module should be introduced with an overview and concluded with a debrief.

Young People | eSafety

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Target Audience

SYB is suitable for students in the vulnerable school years and aims to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol by:

+ Increasing understanding that drugs and alcohol adversely affect the developing adolescent brain.

(Current science points to the fact that the brain is not fully developed until the mid 20’s or even longer).

+ Assisting younger teens to understand the importance of the health of their brains.

+ Facilitating a learning environment for younger teens to share real life experiences, including through

role play, so that they can better respond to unwanted social requests.

+ Creating in younger teens, a greater awareness and understanding of health and drug literacy.

Format & Topics

This online program comprises 45-minute flexible, online modules/sessions that focus on:

Stages of Brain Development and the effects of Cannabis, Ecstasy, Alcohol & Vaping on the developing brain.


Plus Protective Factors including the following:

Starting High School, Communication, Conflict, Feelings, Friendship, Motivation, Self Esteem & Stress.


The Pedagogy of online sessions includes explainer videos, information from drug experts and neuroscientists, interactive discussion with young people and activities related to Units of Enquiry to apply learnings.

Links to the Australian Curriculum

Key learning areas -

Health and Physical Education, Technologies


General capabilities -

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding.

Want to get involved?


If you are interested in participating at any level, or want more information, please contact Jo Baxter at Drug Free Australia

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