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Community drug prevention works.

Let's look at what Rotary is doing...

The Rotary Action Group: Addiction Prevention forms links between Rotary clubs and community groups to provide ways to keep local communities healthier and safer in regard to the addiction of:

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

The aim of the Rotarian Action Group for Addiction Prevention is to work together to develop constructive plans of action to be used within communities.

Jo Baxter now promotes RAG AP in Australia. As a teacher and youth worker, she first joined Rotary when she lived in Modbury, SA and was impressed with the commitment and diversity of members. Caring for youth in our community was a major priority. Now, having moved to the beautiful southern suburbs, she was delighted when the Rotary Club of McLaren Vale warmly welcomed her into membership. The club has members with a wide range of skills, which are generously shared within our community. They  participate in environmental projects, health promotion, youth exchange and other programs to support youth education. What makes this Club so appealing is its connectedness and readiness to join with other clubs in the area. They have strong links as far afield as Unley. Rotarians are action-people and change-makers. Without exception, they are prepared to roll up their sleeves and work proactively with other community members.

What community groups can be involved in RAG AP?

RAG AP links with health agencies, research groups, local government, schools, youth groups and sports clubs.

Where is RAG AP operating?

The Action Group operates in 42 Countries and 45 Rotary Districts. We are backed by a strong and supportive international cohort including Rotary International, The University of Cambridge, The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime and the World Federation Against Drugs.

What’s happening in Australia?

This year, RAG AP commenced in South Australia, with the Rotary Club of McLaren Vale being the first to become a member in our Zone. We are reaching out to upper primary and middle schools, youth and sporting clubs in the area and beyond.

As the first club to join in Australia the Rotary Club of McLaren Vale hopes to gain more support at the up-coming International Conference in Melbourne this May. We will also present information at the South Australian Rotary District Expo on 3 June at Bonython Hall at Adelaide University.

How can RAG AP help communities?

We offer drug education resources to schools, sports clubs, youth groups/camps. For example:

(a) ‘Save Your Brain’ - an online, drug prevention teaching and learning resource, with age-appropriate modules. 

Includes a FREE mentoring opportunities for teachers/school counsellors/pastoral care workers to get the best out of the website.

(b) Invited Speakers - Presentations to school assemblies and/or year level groups – often from people who have a story to tell about their personal  challenges of overcoming addiction. Their books can be placed in school libraries free of charge.

(c) Parent / Community forums -  an interactive forum based on key issues of local community concern:

  • 'Vaping, what you need to know' – AND – what we can do about it

  • Talking to your kids about drugs

  • How to get help if your kids might be experimenting with drugs.


We are also commencing our Youth Influencers Program, where young people from 16-24 can be trained to understand addiction and then come up with ideas on how to treat and prevent it. We hope that some of these young people will represent their peers in Vienna at the annual United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).

For more information about RAG-AP -

Contact the RAG-AP representative Jo Baxter:

ALSO - Take a look at the website:


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